Architectural & Interior Services


Assisting with formulation of a brief; bulk and location studies; evaluation of properties; Feasibility Studies; resource consent applications; arranging land surveys and geotechnical reports.

Space planning; architectural design; engaging consultants; preliminary estimates of cost.

Developed Design

Detailed planning; selecting materials; presentation drawings 3D Computer models; Preparation of color sample boards.

Construction drawings, Interior Fit out drawings, Commercial and residential kitchen layout, Detail design for any type of hospitality projects (Hotel, Restaurants, Hospitals, Wedding Halls, Community Center, Shopping Malls e.t.c)


Drawings for Alignment, Profile and Cross Sections of Roads, Bridges and OHT lines.
Contour Networks and TIN Surface generation.
Manhole detail dimension drawing.
Existing condition general layout showing existing features.
Traffic sign board and road marking layout plan
All utilities layout (Electrical, Sewerage, Storm water Irrigation, Firefighting and telephone) details drawings.

R.C.C and Steel Structure

All type of structural and fabrication drawings for residential and commercial projects

R.C.C drawings, (G.A Plan Column and beams layout, Loading Plan, Beams and Column Schedule

Concrete Profile, shop drawings for pre-stress slab and beams, Bar Bending Schedules, Piles and piles cap shop drawings.

Q.S Department

Preparation of bill of quantities & tender documents.
Preparation of interim payment certificates.
Preparation of rate analysis, variation orders & claims
Preparation of Statements at completion & Final interim payments certificates.

Planning Department

Estimation of timescale and costs for a project using sequences of activities and WBSs to ensure that the outlined deadlines are met.
Preparation of Machinery/Manpower histograms.
Preparation of monthly cash flows and S curve and earned value of project.
Preparation of Weekly/Monthly forecast sheet of project activities/progress.
Updating of daily/weekly/monthly progresses.
Supervising the project at all stages and providing solutions to problems.