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We produce great ideas and build new world

Message from CEO

We consistently stand by our clients, and have done our utmost to facilitate the success of their business activities. This is true regardless of what the changing times require and without being influenced by others. Ejaad collaborates with all clients, whether foreign or domestic, from the very early stages of business planning. Our core values are “landscape”, “architecture” and “interior”. In order to respect local cultures and regional ways of doing things, and to ensure sustainable development, we believe that it is important for design to be characterized by internal contexts linked to people’s hearts, not just contexts. Our commitment to the construction industry is strong, and we embrace our future with enthusiasm.  We believe that not only should we be active in our own business but also support the organizations that provide services to our industry.  We truly value all of the strong relationships we have developed and will continue to foster those relationships in the years to come. Staying true to our guiding code of ethics, trustworthiness, and professionalism is the common thread that ties our employees and company together. As a result of this service, we have afforded our clients the opportunity to be better financially prepared for their projects.

To design something is to make a proposition for the future.

Ejaad is an interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers, urban and regional planner, building and civil engineers and interior designers. Our work is further distinguished by a long-term collaboration with outstanding specialist MEP’s, although we are happy to work with the qualified engineering offices nominated by clients as well.

In addition to master planning, we undertake wide range of other projects, ranging from administration and office buildings, schools, building of science and technology, structure and development planning for public and private clients, urban development planning and old town refurbishment.

Our special interest are projects at the interface between building construction and urban planning.

Our partners come mainly from the corporate and hospitality sector, but our clients also include independent commercial undertakings of all sizes.